Meet Your Coach: Patricia Ndaba

Becoming a Life Coach in 2018 has made me realise that majority of people are not aware of who they are? They are lacking motivation and a sense of purpose for life.

If you have no clear idea of who you are , you will have no clarity on what you want in life.This is where the journey of Patricia Ndaba Foundation began to positively impact people’s lives , bringing hope to the hopeless.

If we come together, work together and stand together we can achieve more.

Our Vision

Building and improving family stability while focusing on men, women and children’s welfare and wellness.

Our Mission

To empower men and women in various stages of their lives that are seeking professional and personal growth through avenues that provide motivation, awareness and mentoring.

To care and protect children by preserving family life and preventing
disintegration through the Social Development approach.

PNF Objectives

  • Promote family stability through positive communication, healthy life style, positive choices, and personal success to support strong family relationships.
  • Mentor and equip men and women to be able to make life determining
    decisions through education, raising awareness, literacy and training.
  • Provide men and women including children with tools and knowledge
    that will enable them to become economically independent.
  • Stimulate confidence in men and women and children to realize their
    worth and potential.
  • Enabling children to access basic needs.
  • Create space for children to express themselves, be creative and
    acquire new knowledge and skills.

Our Focus Areas

The Patricia Ndaba Foundation is solely focused on welfare and wellness of families, including men, women and children.

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